Marvin Gaye’s Style

Marvin Pentz Gay Jr. a.k.a. Marvin Gaye is a Singer, Composer, and Producer. His stylish sounds of R&B and sophisticated soul has blessed the ears of people for years. Gaye also took on the style of Protest R&B in which, he use his platform to bring awareness to what was going on in Vietnam War. Using his brother Frankie’s point of view, who recently came back from combat.

Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” set the tone for the rest of his album. He composed the album with many different songs, but each one flowed into the next seamlessly, as if it were just one continuously playing, song. Marvin used two to three tracks for his vocal recordings. This allowed for his vocals to shine through, it was considered a mistake, but it was intentional and he used it on the rest of the album.

Gaye was a surgeon when it came to his music, he carefully constructed the band to fit into the style of song he was making. If the drummer played too hard, too soft, or even if his style of playing didn’t fit what he was looking for, he would exchange them. The same went for the rest the players of the band, there was a certain sound, he was trying to convey and they had to be able to fit it.

Marvin Gaye’s music always had an affect on me since I was little and even today. The clearness of his vocals, the way he arranges instruments and songs, all the way down to the mix. He had a style I believe would stand up to today’s music. If you listen very closely to some music, played today you can still hear his influence. Just listen to one of the biggest songs of today’s music “Blurred Lines.”

Maxwell is an R&B/ Soul Singer, who’s style of music was influenced by Marvin Gaye, so much that he worked with songwriter Leon Ware, Guitarist, and Wah Wah Watson, who both work with Marvin Gaye. He attributes his Urban Hang suite albums, romantic concept style from some of Gaye’s 70s works.

Although both of these artists are R&B/Soul singers, one attributes his style to the other. Both of these men are giants in their own right. Marvin Gaye transitioned from sexual style of music to a political style, which brought awareness to issues of that time. While Maxwell’s music was of a sexual nature as well, although he had a similar style as Marvin Gaye to me he didn’t have the same type of success. Either way, you can’t go wrong with neither of these artists.


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4 thoughts on “Marvin Gaye’s Style

  1. Santana,

    The content of the majority, if not all, of this post is something that I can definitely agree with you on. Marvin Gaye took a huge risk releasing “What’s Going On” despite Barry Gordy’s disapproval, and let’s just say that it was well worth it. You educated me on another one of my favorite male vocalists, Maxwell, with facts regarding who he has worked with. I also agree that its obvious that their styles are quite similar in the fact that now Maxwell has that same swagger on stage that Marvin had while performing. My only suggestions regarding this blog post and perhaps future posts is that you thoroughly read through and check for grammatical errors. At certain points throughout the reading there are commas not needed or maybe needed that can altar your point of view a bit. Also, there was a reference to “Burred Lines” which was misspelled I believe. Other than that, this was a great blog post.

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  2. Marvin Gaye is a very inspirational music icon and I myself also did a post on him as well. I agree that he was a surgeon when it came to his art form because that is something he took very seriously. I feel this is a very good post, but I suggest that you maybe go back and proofread a little to correct the grammatical eras so the reader can follow along a little better. I too have the same issue from time to time. It was nice that you included whom Maxwell worked with to get the same sound as Marvin. Overall excellent post and its nice to see great minds think a like as my post is almost similar with information.


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