Bee Gees To Boston

The Bee Gees were formed by, three brothers Robin, Barry, and Maurice Gibbs their style of music ranges from Pop, Rock, R&B, Disco, and Psychedelic Pop. A lot of the brother’s style came from deconstructing elements of black American music and constructing it to their style.

The Bee Gees, used a lot of effect across there recording when it comes to their disco. They used a good amount of reverb on the vocals along with some delays (I think it was a Tape delay). The way in which they used the delay to add emphasis on certain words to make them stand out to show its importance.

Learning their falsetto was the key to putting together a great song, it became they’re go-to for most of their songs. The way they arranged and layered their instruments gave them a sound that stood out from the rest. You know a Bee Gees song when you hear one, you know it’s one of those feels good songs that makes you want to do the hustle.

This was one of the groups, I grow up listening to their music. Their sounds filled my household almost every day. The way they produced their music created a unique sound for them and put them a place of their own. As a producer, I haven’t been able too to find my style or create a signature sound for my production. When I work on a track I want it to have just enough my style so that you can tell it’s my hand involved in it but not enough to take away from the artist.

To me, Boston had a similar sound as the Bee Gees when it comes to vocals styling. The layering of vocal tracks the use of reverb and delay effects which is added to give them their sound. In more than a feeling Delp, uses his high vocals to double the lead guitar, at the end of the 3rd verse. Although, it took years in between album releases more than a feeling is one of their most popular song for me.

Both the Bee Gees and Boston have a unique style of their own. But, when listening to Boston’s more than a feeling, it reminds me of something the Bee gees could have written. Maybe, it just the way the vocals is mixed, all I know is these were two of the hottest song of their day and still remains to be two songs people love today.


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