Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock is one of jazz great his style of jazz ranged from Funk, Fusion, and Electro you name it. At the age of 11, he played the first movement of Mozart concerto with Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Hancock has reinvented himself throughout his years, teaming up with big names artist in techno, pop, and Latin music, like guitarist Santana (no not me, the already famous one, Carlos Santana).

The thing I notice with Herbie’s production of Actual Proof is its heavy uses of reverb to set the instruments in space. He places some verb on the electric piano as well as the drums giving the hats a nice shine. The delay is not used heavily it just enough to add a sparkle on instruments, then you can hear how he uses it to accent what I think is a guitar to create this type of repeated note.

The way Herbie Hancock plays, the piano is as if, it was singer scatting. The speed at which he plays and the rhythmic tone it set. I feel like the piano is battling the other instruments, calling out to the rest of the players. Saying, this is what I got; now show me what you got.

The impression he makes on me is one of amazement, I grow up watching him on channel thirteen’s PBS specials. He was one of the people, who made me want to get involved in music, but at that time, I didn’t have the means to do so. He was one of the first people I have seen playing the key guitar. He’s is definitely an innovator in the industry!

Although Stevie Wonder is not a Jazz musician, I Wish was one of his Jazz influenced songs. You can hear the bass line pumping those 8th notes and the piano backing up the bass and a splash of horns here and there. There is nothing you can say about this, that is not jazz.

On one, hand you have Herbie Hancock, one of the greatest jazz players alive, creating jazz music and constantly reinventing his self. He pushes the envelope in the world of fusion. Then we have Stevie Wonder, a legend in his own rights who’s predominately an R&B/Soul Pop artist/Producers, creating a jazz influenced song with all the flavors of jazz seeping out of it. These are two musically talented men that have been contributing to music for years, and I hope they continue on for years to come.



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