WK 3 Teena Marie

Tina Marie was a singer/songwriter with a number of hits under her belt. Tina did a lot of the writing and production on her albums, as well as for other artists too. There was this type of sparkle to her writing and singing, she had this sound that could not be mistaking for anyone else.

One of the things that set her apart from others was her voice from the moment she opens up her mouth and starts to sing, you were stuck. The soulfulness of her voice had you confused because her looks through you off which is why she was dub “The Ivory Queen Of Soul.” She has this essence about her, once she opened her mouth you would forget she wasn’t black, she let her music tell her race and it was Soul/R&B.

The other was her production sense, Lady Tee wrote and produced her third studio album “Irons In the fire” which earned her first hit. Teena was known for spitting a few bars of rap on her songs. She composes, arrange, and produced for a lot of artist in the industry, Rick James, produced on several songs of hers and she produced on his as well.

The impression she made on me was one of joy, when I hear her music it makes me feel good. Now that I’m into making music myself, I want to mix a lot of her style with mine and see what I can come up with. The way she uses the drums and bass as the driving factor for her songs is what get me amped, it makes me want to rethink the way I create music. I ‘ve been a fan of her ever since I first heard her music.

I want to compare MC Lyte to Teena, not because she can sing it’s because they both have this unique voice. Lyte uses her voice not just as a rapper, but she also does voice over, Narration, and is a speaker. Her unique tone makes her voice ideal for a lot of different gigs.

Both of these women were major in the music industry, Teena Marie was one of the hottest hit-makers in the Biz. Her production sense of mind to me outweighed some of the guys and her voice was undeniable and recognizable. Then you have MC Lyte One of the hugest female rapper out there. She also has this voice that undeniable and recognizable, she does a lot of overs for animations and narration for BET award shows. I salute both of these women for doing it big.



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