WK 3 Tina Turner

One of the most spectacular instruments in “What’s Love Got To Do With It” is Tina Tuners Voice, her vocals is what set this song apart from others. Tina was against sing the song, she didn’t like it and became one of the biggest songs in America. Topping the billboards hot 100 charts at # 1 for 3 weeks.

She, not a singer, she’s a rock-n-roller, she able to take any song and “Turner” it into a rock-n-roll style of song. The melodic rhythm of her voice captivated her audience, to me it’s as if she morphs a piece of her soul into each of her songs. Her performances are full of life and energy, she grabs your attention with every move and word sung. She was and still is one of the greatest female rockers out there.

The impression she makes on me is one, I’ve seen all of my life from my mom, black women rocks! When I listen to her music I listen to how her vocals compliment the music and not how the music compliments her vocals. The power and range that she has over her instrument is phenomenal. She has a control that you don’t see in many artists today.

Lisa Stansfield is a UK Sophisti-Pop singer, who has this sexy sultry singing voice. Her song “All Around The World” was released in the US in 1990 and reached #3 on the Billboards. She showed off a bit of her vocal range in this song, although it is strong it is not nearly as strong as Tina Turners. I can listen to both of these lady’s music all day long.

In conclusion, the two of these women were powerhouses singers of their time. Tina with her rocker style of singing and Lisa with her sultry style. Although Tina no longer tours, she is still active in the entertainment industry. Her and a Dutch musical producer, Joop van den Ende, are work on a musical production of her life. It’s scheduled to open in November/December of 2016 or March of 2017, It will be an international show, which may open in New York or London. Stansfield still tours around in the UK, there have not been anything scheduled for the USA. Whether you’re a fan of one or the other you can’t go wrong listening to either one of their music and I can’t wait for Tina’s musical to come to New York.


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