Dr. Dre is considered the pioneer of gangsta rap and innovator of G-funk music. The west coast native has been one of the hard hitting hit makers doing it up since the 80’s. Dre started his production aspect writing for Ruthless Records along with Ice Cube. He would later leave Ruthless Record and start his own label with co-founder Suge Knight. Death Row Records was the launch of Dre’s G-Funk music with his solo single “Deep Cover”.   Four years later Dre would leave Death Row and form his label Aftermath.

Dre uses this heavy 808 kicks that are out of this world. It hard hitting chest thumping bass, can be heard and felt rattling through car and home stereo speaker with this clearness, that didn’t distort the sound. He created tracks in a way so each element in the track fit into it’s on space without over power the other instrument.

His production technique is on point; his mixes is clean when you listen back to it. him being a sound engineer first, learning the how to properly use equipment, like the mixing board, how to cut frequency or them to make things sound nice and clear. It has me rethinking some things, like learning audio engineering.

From the first time I ever heard one of his beats, he ended up becoming one of my favorite producers, his West Coast style of music took over the East coast airwaves. The more I listen to his music the more I wanted to create sounds like that, it had this laid back vibe to, but at the same time, it was something you could move to. I could remember saying to myself this dude is going to be around for a long time.

I choose to compare No Doubt simply because of the production side of the music. To me when I listen to “Don’t Speak” the clarity compare to Dre’s sound is not as clear. The everything seems to be set in the back of the vocals, the drums don’t have the punchy feel and for me, that throws everything else off.

So these two have a different style of production Dre makes his sound with that up front in your face beat that makes your chest rattle. Then listening to No Doubt music it production make the vocals the important aspect of the song and the instrumental is further back in the mix. I’ve been a fan of both and still is their music is some of my favorite.



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