Peer Feedback

Hi Jacqueline,


These women are two of the most gifted singers of their time and now, in my opinion. The have contributed so much to the music industry and brought a lot of joy to so many people with their music. These women were definitely powerhouse singer, but it been a debate for many years about who was the best between the two. For me, there both number one Tina in her rock lane and Aretha in her Soul lane. What do you think? Check out this article I found about Aretha being mad at  Beyoncé over who’s the Queen: . This was a well-written post, I really enjoyed it. Tina Turner was one of my picks for my blog as well. Good luck!



Jacqueline Davdison Blog Post



One thought on “Peer Feedback

  1. Santana,

    I read that article and all I could do was laugh! It is amazing how these stars can behave at times. I think that they are obviously both queens. One is the queen of soul and the other queen of rock. I love how Beyonce’s father said that he sometimes calls his wife his queen. I am still laughing at that one. However, they are both power houses and I’m sure there is plenty of room for both of their egos! HA


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