Shania Twain Feel Good Sound

When I listen to listen to Man! I Feel Like A Woman! By Shania Twain, you can hear some rock influence. This song is a country pop/rock song that is full of life and makes your head start to move. It’s one of them songs make you wanna get up and start line dancing.

What I like about this song is that her vocals match the upbeat tempo of the music, it’s fun happy sounding. The mix around her vocal allows the brightness of her voice to stand out without it being irritating. The subtle amount of effects used on her vocals was just enough to add some thickness. The delay gave a little doubling of her and the short reverb added this slight airiness to the vocal.

I also like how the instruments were mixed in the song, there bright and up front in your face. Each one stand on its own and none of them is overpowering the other. The drums and bass set out in the mix a lot, setting the tone for the rhythm section. Overall this song has become one of my favorites.

The impression this song left on me is a happy feel good type of vibe, I mean even though it’s a girly type of song from a producer side of thing I would wish that one day I will produce something this good. I can imagine the whole package of the song, including the video aspects of it as well.

Nirvana “All Apologies” is another song to me that has a great production aspect to it. The clarity of the vocals and instruments makes this song for me. But, in the song it the bass guitar is what drives the song and the drums seems to back it up. His are amazing and clean with little reverb and delay.

the production on both of these songs was outstanding for their time, for me, Nirvana has a clean feeling to its production it’s one of that song to me that I will listen to if I come across it every now and again. But Shania Twain’s song is something that I would have in my playlist of song that I would want to hear on the regular. It’s upbeat tempo make you want to move it makes your head bob with even knowing it, all in all, it is just a really good song.



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