Shania Twain Feel Good Sound

When I listen to listen to Man! I Feel Like A Woman! By Shania Twain, you can hear some rock influence. This song is a country pop/rock song that is full of life and makes your head start to move. It’s one of them songs make you wanna get up and start line dancing.

What I like about this song is that her vocals match the upbeat tempo of the music, it’s fun happy sounding. The mix around her vocal allows the brightness of her voice to stand out without it being irritating. The subtle amount of effects used on her vocals was just enough to add some thickness. The delay gave a little doubling of her and the short reverb added this slight airiness to the vocal.

I also like how the instruments were mixed in the song, there bright and up front in your face. Each one stand on its own and none of them is overpowering the other. The drums and bass set out in the mix a lot, setting the tone for the rhythm section. Overall this song has become one of my favorites.

The impression this song left on me is a happy feel good type of vibe, I mean even though it’s a girly type of song from a producer side of thing I would wish that one day I will produce something this good. I can imagine the whole package of the song, including the video aspects of it as well.

Nirvana “All Apologies” is another song to me that has a great production aspect to it. The clarity of the vocals and instruments makes this song for me. But, in the song it the bass guitar is what drives the song and the drums seems to back it up. His are amazing and clean with little reverb and delay.

the production on both of these songs was outstanding for their time, for me, Nirvana has a clean feeling to its production it’s one of that song to me that I will listen to if I come across it every now and again. But Shania Twain’s song is something that I would have in my playlist of song that I would want to hear on the regular. It’s upbeat tempo make you want to move it makes your head bob with even knowing it, all in all, it is just a really good song.



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Dr. Dre is considered the pioneer of gangsta rap and innovator of G-funk music. The west coast native has been one of the hard hitting hit makers doing it up since the 80’s. Dre started his production aspect writing for Ruthless Records along with Ice Cube. He would later leave Ruthless Record and start his own label with co-founder Suge Knight. Death Row Records was the launch of Dre’s G-Funk music with his solo single “Deep Cover”.   Four years later Dre would leave Death Row and form his label Aftermath.

Dre uses this heavy 808 kicks that are out of this world. It hard hitting chest thumping bass, can be heard and felt rattling through car and home stereo speaker with this clearness, that didn’t distort the sound. He created tracks in a way so each element in the track fit into it’s on space without over power the other instrument.

His production technique is on point; his mixes is clean when you listen back to it. him being a sound engineer first, learning the how to properly use equipment, like the mixing board, how to cut frequency or them to make things sound nice and clear. It has me rethinking some things, like learning audio engineering.

From the first time I ever heard one of his beats, he ended up becoming one of my favorite producers, his West Coast style of music took over the East coast airwaves. The more I listen to his music the more I wanted to create sounds like that, it had this laid back vibe to, but at the same time, it was something you could move to. I could remember saying to myself this dude is going to be around for a long time.

I choose to compare No Doubt simply because of the production side of the music. To me when I listen to “Don’t Speak” the clarity compare to Dre’s sound is not as clear. The everything seems to be set in the back of the vocals, the drums don’t have the punchy feel and for me, that throws everything else off.

So these two have a different style of production Dre makes his sound with that up front in your face beat that makes your chest rattle. Then listening to No Doubt music it production make the vocals the important aspect of the song and the instrumental is further back in the mix. I’ve been a fan of both and still is their music is some of my favorite.



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Peer Feedback

Hi Jacqueline,


These women are two of the most gifted singers of their time and now, in my opinion. The have contributed so much to the music industry and brought a lot of joy to so many people with their music. These women were definitely powerhouse singer, but it been a debate for many years about who was the best between the two. For me, there both number one Tina in her rock lane and Aretha in her Soul lane. What do you think? Check out this article I found about Aretha being mad at  Beyoncé over who’s the Queen: . This was a well-written post, I really enjoyed it. Tina Turner was one of my picks for my blog as well. Good luck!



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WK 3 Tina Turner

One of the most spectacular instruments in “What’s Love Got To Do With It” is Tina Tuners Voice, her vocals is what set this song apart from others. Tina was against sing the song, she didn’t like it and became one of the biggest songs in America. Topping the billboards hot 100 charts at # 1 for 3 weeks.

She, not a singer, she’s a rock-n-roller, she able to take any song and “Turner” it into a rock-n-roll style of song. The melodic rhythm of her voice captivated her audience, to me it’s as if she morphs a piece of her soul into each of her songs. Her performances are full of life and energy, she grabs your attention with every move and word sung. She was and still is one of the greatest female rockers out there.

The impression she makes on me is one, I’ve seen all of my life from my mom, black women rocks! When I listen to her music I listen to how her vocals compliment the music and not how the music compliments her vocals. The power and range that she has over her instrument is phenomenal. She has a control that you don’t see in many artists today.

Lisa Stansfield is a UK Sophisti-Pop singer, who has this sexy sultry singing voice. Her song “All Around The World” was released in the US in 1990 and reached #3 on the Billboards. She showed off a bit of her vocal range in this song, although it is strong it is not nearly as strong as Tina Turners. I can listen to both of these lady’s music all day long.

In conclusion, the two of these women were powerhouses singers of their time. Tina with her rocker style of singing and Lisa with her sultry style. Although Tina no longer tours, she is still active in the entertainment industry. Her and a Dutch musical producer, Joop van den Ende, are work on a musical production of her life. It’s scheduled to open in November/December of 2016 or March of 2017, It will be an international show, which may open in New York or London. Stansfield still tours around in the UK, there have not been anything scheduled for the USA. Whether you’re a fan of one or the other you can’t go wrong listening to either one of their music and I can’t wait for Tina’s musical to come to New York.


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WK 3 Teena Marie

Tina Marie was a singer/songwriter with a number of hits under her belt. Tina did a lot of the writing and production on her albums, as well as for other artists too. There was this type of sparkle to her writing and singing, she had this sound that could not be mistaking for anyone else.

One of the things that set her apart from others was her voice from the moment she opens up her mouth and starts to sing, you were stuck. The soulfulness of her voice had you confused because her looks through you off which is why she was dub “The Ivory Queen Of Soul.” She has this essence about her, once she opened her mouth you would forget she wasn’t black, she let her music tell her race and it was Soul/R&B.

The other was her production sense, Lady Tee wrote and produced her third studio album “Irons In the fire” which earned her first hit. Teena was known for spitting a few bars of rap on her songs. She composes, arrange, and produced for a lot of artist in the industry, Rick James, produced on several songs of hers and she produced on his as well.

The impression she made on me was one of joy, when I hear her music it makes me feel good. Now that I’m into making music myself, I want to mix a lot of her style with mine and see what I can come up with. The way she uses the drums and bass as the driving factor for her songs is what get me amped, it makes me want to rethink the way I create music. I ‘ve been a fan of her ever since I first heard her music.

I want to compare MC Lyte to Teena, not because she can sing it’s because they both have this unique voice. Lyte uses her voice not just as a rapper, but she also does voice over, Narration, and is a speaker. Her unique tone makes her voice ideal for a lot of different gigs.

Both of these women were major in the music industry, Teena Marie was one of the hottest hit-makers in the Biz. Her production sense of mind to me outweighed some of the guys and her voice was undeniable and recognizable. Then you have MC Lyte One of the hugest female rapper out there. She also has this voice that undeniable and recognizable, she does a lot of overs for animations and narration for BET award shows. I salute both of these women for doing it big.



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Peer Feedback

I have to agree with you Miles, James Taylor is one of the greats, the why he wrote and play was flawless too me. One of my favorite songs of his is “You’ve Got A friend” the words are some of the most powerful I heard in music. I read this Rolling Stones article on him where he was asked, what do you wish someone had told him about the music business? He answered he wished he had a lawyer the first three to four times he signed a piece of paper. He had signed away his publishing on his first four albums, he said he was 18 and strung out in New York City. I really don’t have any criticism for this piece to me it was well written and put together. This was a good read I liked it.



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